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Da Tad Pad
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
8:29 pm
Hi there. Its been a while. I'm still here. If you are reading this then you are still here too. GO US!!!

I think one day while reading through this journal I realized I only ever posted when I was feeling very down about something, or very excited. Looking through it objectively I would say bipolar.. definitely. But I promise you I'm not really, I just never tended to post when I was simply feeling mediocre about something. So this is just a disclaimer to convey that I enjoy the entire spectrum of human emotion, and not just two extremes of it. ;)

A lot has happened since that last post. I got a decent paying job, lost it when the contract expired. Delivered some pizza for a summer.. there's lots of carefree happy stories in that summer, lemmetellyas. Tequila and beach bumming mostly. Then I got into grad school that september. I have my own sweet place way out in the sticks in some country some of you never heard of before. Spazzy moved out here with me just as school started. Ive been buried in studies since, but I take trips to the states now and again when I can. And I spend all my spare time with my girl. Life's been really fun. A true adventure. The future seems so uncertain from here, but I'm spontaneous, optimistic, and capable of handling anything its got. So y'know.. bring it.

Current Mood: determined
Sunday, March 1st, 2009
9:24 am
March 1
The other day I was sitting on the train coming home from work thinking to myself how hard it was now adays to make new friends. I remembered back when I was a little kid it would take less then ten minutes to make a new friend. I felt sad that we had somehow grown out of that ability and decided I was gonna do my best to change that. Yesterday I made a new friend in under 10 minutes of meeting them without even thinking about it.. it just kind of happened.

My sister is here to chill out, just her.. no boyfriend.. I get my sister back for a little while. She is not the same around that guy.

My girlfriend is coming to visit and will be here on thursday. That fact makes me so happy I could cry. And a week after that I will be coming back to the states and get to see all the wonderful friends I miss. Lifes sweet. :D
Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
6:41 pm
Tickets bought! Perfect snowflakes. I get to see my kitty in two weeks!

Oh, and Bob says to emancipate yourself from mental slavery.. none but ourself can free our mind.

'erting ayree' ^^

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
2:40 pm
I did a very tricky thing... I gave all of my personalities desires ambitions and cares into a separate entity I made up called Tad. And underneath that void where my ego used to be I found my soul. And past it I found God.

Oh scandinavian winter. How you dissemble me. is that a word?

"Thank you Ecco. Sing this song when you charge your enemies..." 2:27

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, February 7th, 2009
4:29 am
Dharma Fail...
Im still coming to grips with my idea of karma. Im not sure if I believe in it but I do like the idea. Where it stops me from really taking it and flying is that in order to get something nice you should do something nice.. I dont like the idea of doing something for a reward or fear of a punishment. Its what we do all the time for everything and it never seems to lead to true happiness in the end. Anyways before I start rambling too far I want to tell you about yesterday..

Friday was a long day at work (I have to tell you guys about my new job sometime) and at the end of it this guy had a couple of bags of fresh bread from breakfast that morning. He didnt want to eat it himself so he offered them to me. Its not the kind of bread that I could toast in my little sandwich maker and I dont really have much at home to put on it to eat but I thanked him for it anyways and took them home with me. That was the fail.

For on the subwayride home this stinky guy sat down next to me. His hair was a mess and his eyes were a little wide and an intense pale blue. I was thinking like oh man take a shower buddy ;P After a while he asked me -in danlandish talk- which stop we were at and I replied with of course that it was 'Christianshavn' To which he seemed shocked! "No oh no.. its a lie.. no no no its a lie." To say the least I was a little confused and could only reply with 'ok' cuz i wasnt about to argue with him. He continued with 'no.. its not a lie.. its just that I have been riding up and down this subway three times now and I keep missing my stop! Im having such a bad day." I felt bad for him, but I cheerfully replied that it was no problem. "All you have to do is get off at the next stop and take the subway back to where you need to be." His answer was very confusing.. He couldnt do that. All I could do was sigh but I kept smiling and told them that I hoped things would go better for him and if he kept looking for the right way and didnt give up he would get to where he was supposed to go.. Total shock filled his eyes and he looked at me with just this visage of endless gratitude! I had no idea that just by showing a tiny bit of kindness instead of just telling this guy he should fuck off and take a shower like I probably would have done in the past would elicit such a positive reaction! "Thank you thank you.. I hope things go better for you too, I really do." I have it pretty ok.. "Well then I hope they go even better!" =) Thank you, wellp this here is my stop. Take care of yourself. "Ok have a nice day!" I walked off that subway feeling pretty good about my ability to hold a conversation with someone well enough in Danish that they could understand me and I looked down and remembered my bread. Not only bread but I had a banana from earlier in the bag too! Potassium and nutrients galore!!! Just as I remembered what I had in my hand and who it was really meant for... the doors to the subway closed and the train moved on.. and I drooped.
After that I returned home to find that my roommate had returned from his trip to Lebanon where he had been filming a cultural documentary thingy. He had brought back this interesting tea that tasted of cinimon and an alchoholic drink thats in the same family of absinthe apparently. Its clear but you dilute it with water and it magically looks like milk. It tasted like mild absinthe and after listening to Peters stories and watching the DailyShow which airs here one day late I went to bed to chat with my kittylove a little on skype. Two glasses of that drink had put me in a very buzzed state though and I was asleep by midnight on a friday night.. and found the most incredible dreams of which I promptly forgot about again on waking up. :/

My thoughts this morning are still on my fail, but I will take with me the little lesson I learned about maintaining a bit more awareness.

Current Mood: silly
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
6:35 pm
Oh uhh the answer to life is yes. Just so you guys know. :D

Current Mood: optimistic
Thursday, December 4th, 2008
2:35 pm
I'm so fuckin happy.

If your happy too.. click this and turn it up.

Uh huh dis my shit.. >D

Current Mood: fuckin happy
Friday, November 28th, 2008
7:15 pm
Dec 16th
Ratatat in Christiania. Yes!

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
12:43 pm
3:56 pm Sunsets suck.. and apparently its going to get worse in the coming months. Yuck.

This one adequately shows my feelings for this tragedy. ;P wtf.

Kitty dont watch, is scary!

Current Mood: cynical
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
9:21 am
I got another jerb
Well after being pretty much unemployed since the beginning of september and living it up on the wonderfully generous wellfare system they have here in DK, it seems I have a new job. Starting the 1st I will crawl into the job market as a lowly office assistant at the second largest insurance company in denmark. The money will be good, but my real motivating factor is the experience so I can get a foot up towards something I really want to do. And this place will look pretty good on my resume which so far only has a college degree and pet store experience on it... Im pretty excited to get started on my career and curious as to where I might end up.

On another note an interesting development in mewsic tastes. At first I didnt really like this song. It was my least favorite Ratatat track. After listening to it a few times when it would come up, as I still never deleted it from my collection, I suddenly really started to enjoy it.
In fact right now its my favorite.

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, October 30th, 2008
5:39 am
Hear all the bombs just fade away..
Im really starting to like these guys I think. This was a concert during the last elections, but I think this time around it works just as well if not even better.

The part is 3 minutes 30 seconds in, but enjoy the whole song by all means as well.

Current Mood: discontent
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
5:51 pm
Dear Journal,

Tear-gas sucks.

Current Mood: grumpy
7:17 am
Current Status
Well.. Im on wellfare.

Which is freaking fantastic over here. I found out where some of the money those taxes that are being taken away from those hard working people are going. Right into my unemployed pocket!! Im making as much now as I was working my ass off at that cafe. As motivating as it is to just sit around on my ass all day and draw and think of myself being payed to do it however, Im pretty motivated into finding a job. Id really really like to work for Unicef or the World Health Organization which have headquarter dealys here. Apparently jobs with them are highly sought after and they are looking for at least 5 years of experience in a similar field to end up working in the office there. But Im still hopeful for a vacancy to a entry level job. If nothing else I get to work at my cousin's sandwich shop starting in December so I have at least some lifeline. The maersk interview called back negative.. which I was kind of expecting cuz just before my first interview I realized the corporate giant that it of course was with its massive oil sector and transferring the american military and all its supplies to the middle east, the winds blew out of my sails. I went into that interview looking awesome in a suit but just feeling kind of like... meh and half as hopeful.

I went and had a kabab for dinner last night. It was awful. Anyways the kabab place had all these middle eastern guys in it and they were all yapping about the koran or some such and I felt really really uncomfortable in there. .. And then I thought to myself damn you mass media... damn you.

..... and then last night I had a dream my house was getting attacked by zombies. It was really gross and awesome and realistic and I didn't want to wake up this morning. Am I weird?

So anyways here I am on wellfare. Im gonna go draw..

Current Mood: content
Saturday, October 11th, 2008
8:43 am
Best Episode Evar!
The Simpsons has always had a special place in my heart for being my absolute most favoritist cartoon series of all time.. a very close second is teenaged mutant ninja turtles of course.. but for a while there the shows content just wasnt up to par with my expectations and I lost interest. Perhaps I had outgrown it.. perhaps the writing just sucked. From the very beginning of this episode from season 19 though I was back with the Simpsons again! Its called 'Eternal Moonshine of a Simpson Mind' and you can recognize it with its opening sequence where the frame zooms out from the familys couch and travels outwards through the cosmos only to end up right back at the couch again.. it made me wiggle. ^-^ But I guess you guys know I love stuff like that. Just as great as the other recent opening sequence of evolution, murr evolution. I wont speak much about the goings on in the episode in case you havnt seen it yet.. but it was VERY well written, engaging and entertaining. I will, however, show you the one sequence that was really just fantastic..

Contemplating life, as I often like to sit around wasting time doing, Ive thought about the illusion of our lives seeming to be separated out in little chapters, each one starting when you wake up in the morning.. or afternoon.. but in reality its all one big flow of time that never stops from birth to death. So when I saw this from the show actually putting my thought process to a graspable visual I was quite content and happy.

Current Mood: Content and happy
Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
6:12 am
Mr Clapton Cooga
So both World Health Organization and Unicef have european headquarters and distribution centers here in Copenhagen. Ive sent my application and CV to them both and I really hope they hire me! I also have an interview with Maersk to try and get a position as an assistant manager of some kind in there next week. They are HUGE and I dunno how comfortable Id be working with them... but itd be amazing experience for my career and probably make me more appealing to hire at the first two I mentioned.

Ive never actually been excited about a job before but I really REALLY want to be a part of that. Sooner or later. Ill make it happen. I want to help make a difference in this horrible greed infested nasty world, I need to help make it a little better somehow..

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, August 24th, 2008
5:41 pm
My name is Adam and everyone thinks I am so dank.

"I dont mind when the girls ignore me, as long as i think I am tough. I go into town without being asked out, and I smell like a brothel but I dont care..."

Hey ... it rhymes in danish. OMG What are those girls doing to those hotdogs?!!??

This song basically makes fun of techno music and the idiots who like it. Awesome. >D

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, July 19th, 2008
7:23 pm
But Moooommmmmm, everyone ELSE is doing it...

visited 18 states (8%)
Create your own visited map of The World

This is my kinda deal cuz it shows me how much of the map is still left untouched. I gotta long way to go yet! Jamaica and Puerto Rico are in there too but theys tiny.

visited 27 states (54%)

Please note all the states I didnt really care that I missed.. cept hawaii and alaska dey can com too.
Monday, July 14th, 2008
6:40 pm
Reasons I hate working... and reasons I dont.
I just got off of a 13 hours shift waiting tables. The best tips I got today were from assholes from Holland. Danes dont tip.

Reasons I love my job... pretending that a 40% tax doesnt exist in denmark, I made $320 today! Dont do the math and tell me what I really made. I will hate you :)

More reasons. After work I got 2 Liters of Carlsburg for free and a glass of very expensive wine. I drank it all of course. I also got two free meals that were very tasty. I got to play some TOOL very loudly on the speakers after we closed. RAWK!!!! Thats it though... thats enough reasons for me though.. Really.

I love this place.

Its been a long day anyways though.

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
11:37 pm
I keep having this recurring dream/nightmare where I'm in Silent Hill. The monsters are all really scary when they are all super realistic and huge lemmetellya. But the neat thing is they are always Lucid dreams.. so I can kinda control whats going on.. and the first thing I usually think to myself is 'Dammit not again.. where's Lunar when I need him.' In the dream everything starts out normal and im in some big office building at night or some such and then the walls start doing their thing and the sirens blare and I'm all like. 'Mannnnn' Last night it was the AshBabies and those ceiling critters from the last game that were after me. It doesn't take me too long to realize I have a shotgun however and that Im not very nice to the monsters with it. They scream alot and run away from me alot. I meet up with Brooke and my Mom who talk to me in cutscene'ish style and then always say they have to go off some different way and good luck to me. Last night I had enough of it though and stopped Brooke saying 'Why are you always going off in some different direction instead of staying here with me!' She looked confused and then replied as if I were dumb 'Cuz theres always these creepy monsters hanging out around you...' So that just pissed me off more at the monsters and I went running around shooting at them which really gave them a bad night, I guess I had entered in a cheat code for infinite ammo cuz I never seem to have to reload. And annoyingly enough I cant think up good puzzles for myself... The one thing I had to do after one of my little cutscenes to lemme know was find five keys in a room full of ashbaby heads. >.< I was kicking them around like a kid in a ballpit...

Crazy much?

Current Mood: amewsd
4:08 am
Ah tuk der JERRRRRRRB!!!!!
Yup, you heard right. I have a job! .. and if you didn't read that subject well enough to understand it, let me reiterate for you. I have a job!!! There's this fortress castle thingy here in Kolding, Denmark.. where if you didn't know I'm living now. Wait.. no not the castle, just in Kolding.. Im moving in there later.. anyway. Just under the big block tower its got and next to the water is a little yet awesome cafe thingy. I'm a waiter there. I have no idea how my danish got good enough for me to get away with this.. but Im a waiter there and after the first day I'm already doing great! They are training me as a bartender too!

Everyday I've been walking a 20 minute commute to work and back, headphones blaring good ol ATL rap music with me wiggywiggy'ing along... well usually mostly when nobody is looking.. and people go. 'Whups, there goes that new American bastard who tuk arr jerrrrrb'

and Im all like "wikiwiggiWERRRRRRR!!!!"

Other than that I've been gittin myself set up for the business MBA program they have down here at South Danmark University and have been working out like a madman! Mountain Biking around in the woods and lifting weights. At the nightclubs I been chillin' out with my drink cuz the conventions have NOT taught me how to dance to techno. They LIED!!!! So I just kinda watch til something comes on that I can get my Krunk on with.. Then I bust out with that and all the women try to touch me.

'Ahhll skee skee got dam!'

Current Mood: cheerful
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